A "toy".

A Toy (otherwise known as a pawn) is an unskilled, new or inexperienced graffiti artist or writer.

Toy tags or pieces are usually crossed out with the word toy or the crossers tag around it. Having a tag crossed out is considered a very deep insult and the writer of the crossed out tag will be likely to start a "war" or beef with the crosser, resulting in series of crossed out tags. In some areas, they seek revenge by violent means.

Toys can also be classified as one who does not know the scene around them, one who does not have knowledge of local graffiti, or one whose style isn't too good, or is still developing.

A toy graffiti artist also copies either tags, pieces or throw-ups. This is very much frowned upon, and is known as Biting.

In some cases, self-proclaimed Kings are classified toys.


The preffered style of most Toy artists is tagging, as it is the simplest, easiest form of graffitti to master. Tagging, mostly used to gain credibility in the area, is followed usually by Wildstyle pieces.

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