A throw up throw or throwie is a quick but slightly more complex version of a tag. Characteristics of a basic throw up include wide rounded letters, zero negative space on the insides as well as one to two colors or jus the outline. Putting your throw up in multiple places is referred to as bombing. Going overs someone's piece or throw with a throw up it is considered a sign of disrespect which will most likely lead to beef.


Most writers when experienced in doing throws begin to get more creative with them giving more variety to the simple structure of a throw. For instance instead of being round many writers use throws with jagged edges or a mix of both jagged and round letters. Other style aspects in most throws include faces and characters as well as quotes on the sides.


Bombing is the act of getting your throw in as much places as possible. Many writers gain reputation for bombing by many means such as having their their throws in so many places or by getting their throws in hard to reach places such as billboards, overpasses and rooftops. Most bombers tend to have a quantity over quality mindset preferring to have the more bombs possible rather than little well done pieces. This ideology has caused friction between bombers and piecers which leads to beef amongst them however this is rare.