The term King' (or Queen when referring to a female writer) within the Graffiti universe is used only when reffering to the most well-known artist in a metropolitan area. They are the best of the best, the most respected of the artists in a given area. Most of the Kings or Queens found throughout large cities were one of the first writers to start tagging and creating pieces in that area. Pieces made by Kings or Queens are typically held in high regards by all the other writers, and to have a piece recognized by a King or Queen is a huge honor. Contrary to this, copying or defacing a Kings or Queens artwork will almost guarantee that you are cast from the scene of that area, and will decrease any credit you might have.

The tag of a King or Queen can usually be recognized by a crown enclosed above the tag itself, often in quotation marks. Pieces created by a King will most likely be spaced from other writers work, usually as a symbol of respect to the King or Queen.

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