A Graffiti tag on the boot of a police car.

Graffiti tagging is probably the most widely used version of Graffiti. They are quick and easy to do. Some tags are usually found under a graffiti piece and used as a signature, whilst most tags are found in public methods of transport such as trains and buses, public toilets, public parks and the like. Tags are also the preferred graffitti style of Toys, as it is the quickest and easiest style to master and produce.

To the normal person, graffiti tags are usually undecipherable, however, to the experienced graffiti artist, tags are easy to read. Most tags are a signature of an artist trying to gain some rep, but others can be used by artists to display a certain message.

Tag Variants[]

Tag variants used in this tag include anarchy symbol, dots and slash marks.

Sometimes, tags are more than letters. Artists often include halos, arrows, slash marks, crowns and the anarchy symbol to personalize their tags.