An example of "beef".

Beef is defined as having a grudge with or starting another writer or crew. Beef, in Graffiti, is very common, and can be spotted if a work of graffiti is lined, or crossed out, or even painted over with a tag. In the image on the right, the word "Toy", is simply sprayed over the tag.

Beef Starters[]

Other methods that usually start beef include:

  • If a toy does Graffiti over someone that is burner.
  • very often it is started due to a writers ego. If one writer if getting a lot of attention another writer may beef with them, if they feel they didn't earn the attention/respect.
  • Lack of space in areas such as yards and chill spots which inevitably leads to people going over each other.\
  • Writers who do not follow yard etiquettes in freight yards and leave their trash visible, test out paint on rocks, bomb and tag on walls within the yard as well as paint too much trains on one line. This type of beef almost always ends violently.
  • Freight beef when writers bite styles or cross someone out however this is mostly just crossing a piece out whenever one is seen.


More examples of beef are seen below: